Proposal Draft

Proposal Draft Peer Response Workshop

Group: Attach a draft of your Group proposal (as a .docx or .pdf file) to the Canvas Discussions Reply window (just one file draft per group) by Wednesday, March 10 at noon.

Individual: Each student needs to respond to one draft posted by another other group in their section by Friday, March 12 at 11:59 using the Canvas Discussions Reply function

Proposal Draft Requirements

  • Summary/Abstract, which can be adapted from the week 6 Blog Post
  • 2-3 pages of “Project Description”
  • References you have collected so far, list in APA format (approx. 3-5)
  • You may also want to block out or design the whole document, and just fill the unwritten sections with Lorem ipsum. Also, feel free to reuse the bios you wrote for the first Blog Post in both the draft and the final versions.

Peer Response Requirements

Choose a peer Proposal Draft posted by one of the other groups in your section, and respond to it by answering the following questions (approx. 10-12 sentences) in the Canvas Discussions Reply function:

  • What argument does the Proposal you read make in the Objectives and Significance section?
  • What problem does the Proposal you read plan to solve, and is the proposal explicit about how a lack of clear, consistent, multimodal language precipitates that problem?
  • What sort of verifiable evidence does the proposal cite and summarize in the Background and Needs section? Is it convincing, why/why not?
  • How will the proposed solution benefit its audiences?

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