Feature Story Drafts


For this individual Blog Post, please submit, a draft of your Feature Story for your Website Project. You are welcome to submit the Feature Story at whatever draft stage it is in, e.g if you only have a very rough draft, upload that OR you are welcome to upload a draft that is nearly complete. Please just submit as much (or as little) as you would like to receive feedback on. You are welcome to submit the draft a format of your choice.

For Your Consideration

As I explain in this week’s supporting materials and class session, a successful Feature Story should include the following rhetorical features: direct appeal to audience; strong opening lead; description of an otherwise overlooked topic, place, event; factual supporting evidence; background information; and a directive conclusion.


To set up your Blog go to https://classblogs20.iac.gatech.edu/wp-iac-signup.php (Links to an external site.). Please see the IAC Blogs How-To Slideshow for more on how to create and configure IAC Class Blogs.


As long as you publish your post to your IAC WordPress class blog on or before the assigned time/date, you will earn full points per document. Remember these activities are designed to develop skills we will use throughout the class and in the major projects. The documents also provide an opportunity for invention and revision.


Paste the URL from the post on your IAC WordPress site into the field in the Canvas Assignment Page. Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions if you run into any technical problems.


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